26 October 2008

Headline Sunday

Today, both dailies here on the Tundra endorsed Norm Coleman for US Senate. The Saint Paul paper, thin as it is, didn't shock everyone, but Minneapolis's' Editorially Marxist Manifesto's decision has resulted in the soiled pants of thousands and thousands of adult children.

I don't know what's going on in those reliably-leftist closed quarters. Some of the bed wetters smell conspiracy and are claiming the paper's parent company are pawns of Dick Cheney, which is preposterous, as the same paper endorsed The Messiah on the same page.

Not Al, not Dean, not 'present,' they both endorsed Norm Coleman, and the lefties are flipping out.

By the way - should Franken lose, I'm betting it'll be about 90 days before the house is for sale and he goes back to wherever he was before he got this political whim.

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