12 July 2008

What Happened to Brew 52?

Well, it's been 26 weeks, and I don't see a turnaround for Brew 52.com. Participation has really fallen off the edge of the Flat Earth.

That's too bad. I really thought Brew52.com would be a way to get to know more about the art of the beer and get to make some new acquaintences for an occasional Beer Snob Night Out. Well, after a couple attemts to register as a user/participant were ignored by the site operator and now seeing the fall off in participation, I wonder if the whole exercise was just a web publishing display.

Oh well - like decent film, quality music and legitimate food, if you want the good stuff, you've got to be your own advocate.

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Rett said...

Hi, this is Rett, Brew52 operator. First, I must apologize as I haven't intentionally ignored any requests to join in. In fact a couple people emailed me and signed up very recently without any issue. So maybe it got lost in the shuffle? You can get me at rett@brew52.com for future reference.

Second, yeah the site has definitely been on the decline. I take a lot of responsibility for not keeping people more motivated, but I really have been trying to at least keep it going. The whole thing was meant to be fun, and we all know you can't force people to have fun.

Anywaym, in case you're interested in following along but not actually registering (which you can do on the site right now) check out twitter.com/brew52 or search for the Brew52 group on facebook.