10 July 2008

More Food for the Chipper

Soon as the trees are done, here's some more debris I'd be happy to help run through the wood chipper:

Randal Joseph Hennes, 40, of Prior Lake, was charged with one count of criminal vehicular injury causing great bodily harm while under the influence of alcohol, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and third-degree drunken driving, according to the complaint filed Wednesday.

(A) Shakopee police officer enroute to another call saw a pickup truck drive away from the scene, make a U-turn and head back south without stopping to help the fallen bicyclist.

Hennes was given a sobriety test and failed it but said he had only had one drink Monday night, the complaint said. Records show he's been (previously) convicted of drunken driving.

Nice. Put him in the chipper. This lady is looking like chipper food for sure:

Bear was due to begin her 1-year sentence in St. Croix County Jail Wednesday. On July 2, she was sentenced for her role in 55-year-old Michael Strauch’s death. As terms of her sentence, Bear was ordered to maintain absolute sobriety.

Friends of the Strauches spotted Bear drinking at a Chili’s restaurant in Woodbury and notified local police that Bear was violating a judge’s order. After confirming the judge’s sobriety order with St. Croix County, Woodbury police were dispatched to the Chili’s. According to the police report, Bear showed signs of intoxication and police detected the odor of alcohol on her breath. While talking to officers, Bear urinated in her pants and told police about it. She also admitted she understood she was violating terms of her sober restriction.

In September 2007, Bear pulled out in front of Strauch’s motorcycle. Bear’s blood alcohol level was not tested at the scene—but later it was calculated at 0.11. Police could not prove she was drunk at the time of the crash. Bear pleaded no contest to charges of vehicular homicide.

Some real model citizenry going on there. Ontheborderline has more background on this shithead:

07-08-2005 - Case 2005TR004575 Violation Date: 06-29-2005 Operating While under Influence (1st) — Guilty Fine: $690.00

07-08-2005 - Case 2005TR004576 Violation Date: 06-29-2005 Drink Open Intoxicants in MV-Driver — Dismissed on Prosecutor’s Motion

07-08-2005 - Case 2005TR004577 Violation Date: 06-29-2005 Operating Left of Center Line — Dismissed on Prosecutor’s Motion

07-25-2005 - Case 2005TR004877 Violation Date: 06-29-2005 Operating with BAC .10 or More (1st) — Dismissed on Prosecutor’s Motion.

Bear filed a “Not Guilty” plea and the court process lasted until she pleaded “Guilty” to the OWI charge. The court ordered a restitution fine and revocation of her license on 12-09-2005. She failed to pay the fine by the court ordered time resulting in her license not being reinstated until 05-17-2006.

Next on 01-02-2007 she was stopped by Hudson PD and charged with Operating After Revocation. It would be curious to hear what exactly was the reason for the stop, but undoubtedly during the license check it was learned Bear was driving without a valid drivers license. She was stopped again for an unknown reason by the North Hudson PD on 05-22-2007 and charged again with OAR (1st - Rev. due to OWI/PAC). Bear was required to post a $1,000 bond and the case ended with her pleading guilty to “Operating w/o Carrying License” and the case was settled on August 1, 2007, just 54 days before killing Stauch.

Sound like the police and prosecutors in Hudson are not exaclty detail-oriented. Here's one more I'm following that has yet to have any satisfactory resolution:

MacGillivray, 44, was westbound on Hwy. 7 near Hwy. 101 around 11:35 p.m. when her motorcycle was rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by a man from Eden Prairie, the State Patrol said. The incident is under investigation.

In the comments section, there is the unverified claim that the driver that hit her was arrested for DWI at his home after leaving the scene. We'll see how this one plays out, but we'll keep the chipper fueled up and ready for action.

UPADTE: Eleven-year-old Nicholas James Hagadorn has died of his injuries suffered in the incident cited at the top of this post. Let's hope that Randy Hennes will eventually be removed from civilization for good.

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