23 July 2008

Amatuer vs. Professional

The sources I tap to fill my head with information, frankly, has little to do with ideology, but everything to do with credibility. To wit:
I’ve made no pretense of objectivity in this race, and for that matter, neither has the HuffPo, which hosts columns from Barack Obama. Isn’t that just a “restatement of the Obama campaign’s talking points”? What’s the headline here — Shocker! Blogger has point of view?

Of course, had Beltrone bothered to contact me to get my thoughts on these issues, he wouldn’t have made this mistake. Funny how his “investigation” never led him to my e-mail address, or even to the Hot Air tips address, to ask me even a single question. I don’t bite, unless bitten, and I’d have been happy to discuss his “investigation”, but apparently he’s happier leaping to uninformed conclusions.
Read the whole account. It's a fine reminder that the blogosphere is made up of serious people and people who are not so serious about what they do.

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