10 May 2008

Reynoldsism Right Here in River City

Channeling Instapundit with a local angle: "They told me is George Bush were re-elected, politicians would call for the firing of truth seeking journalists, and they were right!
(Katherine) Kersten's reckless journalistic standards have diminished this paper's credibility. Worse, they have threatened the safety of the children and staff at the school, which has been forced to take extra security measures in the wake of recent death threats. While I value a broad range of opinions from a variety of perspectives, I value the facts even more. Kersten's gross distortion of the facts in this case should compel Star Tribune management to ask for her resignation.

Mindy suffers from the delusion so common among her ilk; she's so convinved she's right that she can't even detect her own use of Stalin tactics. Oh, for the shoe be on the other foot.

There is and excellent vivisection of the clearly brain-damaged Grieling at Powerline:

In short, Rep. Greiling has failed to cite a single fact in her letter to support her claim that Kersten grossly violated journalistic standards or that she should be asked to resign. Under the circumstances, her letter is an abuse of her legislative position. Rep. Greiling should demonstrate Kersten's "gross distortion of facts" or should resign herself.

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