04 May 2008

Not Authentic Without Big Brother's Approval

These are 100% authentic, imported from Europe, and feature the official European Union pint seal etched in the glass. The CE mark – which, in French, stands for ‘European Conformity’.
European conformity - someone wake George Orwell. Glasses for sale here. Backstory here.

Ever since 1699, successive governments have found it necessary to measure and certify the pint and half-pint glasses made and used in this country. The rules, which were intended to assure suspicious beer drinkers that they were not being given short measures, meant a crown and certification number was printed on each glass.

However, the EU is introducing a standard European-wide system for guaranteeing the size and safety of glasses. Consequently, the new glasses now appearing in British pubs and bars carry a CE mark - which, in French, stands for ‘European Conformity'.

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