10 May 2008

Reflections on Anaheim

Just back from 4 days in Anaheim and I'm chock-full of observations. The sun never came out. I'm not sure the temperature ever made it over 70. The 105 freeway really, really needs some felons out there picking up garbage. Even in the shadow of The Mouse, where you are surrounded by the hell that is Denny's, Chili's and Tony Roma's, there are actually some good places to eat. The Anaheim Convention Center is probably viewable from space. You'd never have any idea you were 30 minutes from the ocean. From ingress/egress, food and accommodation and architecture/feng shui issues, there's are to many things wrong with LAX to list here. Their NHL team is a goon squad. The average piece of fruit and glass of juice are much better than average.

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