24 November 2007

So Much For Law and Order

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to kill your dog."
The officer told Leo Barboza there had been a complaint (his dog) had bitten someone. "I said, 'Do you have any proof or anything?' He says, 'I don't need any proof.'"So Leo got the dog while the deputy pulled out a rifle from his car. They walked a few feet from the Barboza's home where Leo's wife and his three year old son were inside.Leo and the officer tied the dog to a pole when the deputy fired three shots.
The ONLY ray of hope in this end of the world-grade story is that the shit-fer-brains deputy couldn't kill the dog, who was tied to a post, with 3 shots.
'Hey, the dog's alive!' I was like, 'What are you serious?' I was happy my dog
was alive.
Legal procedure? We don't need no stinkin' legal procedure; we're the cops!

Ever wonder where the Second Amendment came from? Not that you had forgotten, but it's been a year since Atlanta Police murdered 92 year-old Kathryn Johnston in her own home.
Shortly after the shooting, the police alleged that they had paid an informant to buy drugs from Ms. Johnston's home. They said she fired at them first, and wounded two officers. And they alleged they found marijuana in her home. We now know that these were all lies. In fact, everything about the Kathryn Johnston murder was corrupt. The initial arrest of the ex-con came via trumped-up charges. The police then invented an informant for the search warrant, and lied about overseeing a drug buy from Johnston's home.

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