25 November 2007

Moving the Goal Line on the Way the White House

Plan A has pretty much bombed out, so now the search for Plan B begins:
Lately, as the killing in Baghdad and other areas has declined, the Democratic candidates have been dwelling less on the results of the troop escalation than on the lack of new government accords in Iraq - a tonal shift from last summer. By saying the effects of the troop escalation have not led to a healthier political environment, the candidates are tacitly acknowledging that the additional troops have, in fact, made a difference on the ground - a viewpoint many Democratic voters might not embrace.
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The debate over a complete withdrawal from Iraq is over, and the doves lost. It actually wasn't news that all of the top-tier Democratic candidates favor leaving some troops -- albeit a relatively small number of them -- in Iraq, but it was striking to see the candidates all acknowledge that, even at the end of a full term in office, they can't promise to pull out completely. Some people may still think that the best thing would be to get every last American soldier and marine out of Iraq, but the next president is not going to agree.
Ya know - an open dialogue between the fever swamp left and the leading Democratic candidates on this matter would look a lot like that wintertime boathouse scene between Fredo and Michael Corleone.

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