20 July 2007

John Doe Killed in Senate

The US Senate just killed the John Doe immunity provision in SA2340. I wonder what else will die as a result.
Political correctness and the possibility of hurt feelings trump your right to not get blown to smithereens by intolerant psychopaths. Here's the roll: Norm Coleman votes for you and me; Amy Klobuchar votes against you an me. Even Hillary votes for you and me. Obama; the Perfect Human, sat this one out - way to show spine, Barry.

Tigerhawk has the whole sordid tale:
Just so we're clear, most Democratic senators do not (any longer) want to fight terrorists aggressively with our military, they oppose law enforcement officials taking actions to interdict domestic terrorism that they would not otherwise take against ordinary crime, and they believe that if civilians, acting in good faith, report suspicious activity those civilians should be subject to a law suit if they are wrong.

For those of you late to the party, this vote determines the fate of the "King amendment," which was brought by the ejected "flying imams" against the "John Does" who reported their suspicious activity to the airline.

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