03 July 2007

Fiberglass Sunday

The route was roughly Saint Paul, Prescott, Stockholm (for breakfast), Durand, Alma, lunch (who knows that place was), Fountain City, Hudson and home again. In between all the alleged municipalities were miles and miles of mostly deserted and relatively high quality twisites, straights and sweepers. The weather was ideal and opposing traffic was suspiciously sparse. Running in two groups, our pack left no fun road unconquored as we toured the driftless areas of Pepin and Buffalo Counties, including, what Tom, the organizer, noted on the map as the "Bolivian Highway of Death." There's a chance he's seen this movie.

The 8-year old ragtop du jour (not mine) delivered a great combination of performace, comfort and reliablity. The performance capabilty was important to "keep up my end of the deal" with the M3s, Boxters and Mustangs that made the run. The comfort was there in leather, climate control (when needed) and a qualtity fold-up top. Very importantly, the reliability was there. No brake fade, no overheating and no leaking of fluids or voltage. Not all thirty cars came back under their own power.

Eleven hours and three-hundred miles later, safely back at home, I was able so squirrell away a terrific day in the ol' memory box.

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