18 July 2007

It's Only Tax Money

Look at what we get to pay for:

To serve your politician worshiping needs - The Charlie Rangel library.
It seems as though the Chairman is going to use taxpayer dollars to build a library (or public service center) in his own name, perhaps to establish a location for his future papers to be housed. The earmark is for $2 million.
Further, to make sure that there's no shortage of fools in Hollywood, how about an earmark for some hokey film school.
(T)he funds would “establish a first-of-its-kind entertainment industry craft and technician college job training program to respond to the film and television industry’s immediate need for new, trained employees.” That’s right, Democrats are looking to create a job training program for the Los Angeles entertainment industry.
You know, I love movies, but not one dime of tax money should got to propping up this industry, especially in such a politically diseased, pandering way.

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