22 June 2007

We're Controlling the Truth Around Here

The meeting is open to the public. Oh, you have a blog? Then you cannot come in.

Walking into a small room, Nicole Derse from the political desk of the Obama NH campaign was busy meeting folks. As she turned to me she started to say hello, so I replied with a smile, "Hi, my names Jerid. I'm a blogger."

"Oooooooh, I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave," she shot back. "These events are closed to the press." I was dumbfounded. Searching for words I spurt out, "But I'm a blogger," as she started to usher me out of the room.

It was of no consequence that I'm a Democratically slanted activist who's trying to learn as much about all of the candidates in New Hampshire as I can. It didn't matter that I phonebank and canvas for candidates I support. I didn't matter that I put my "super friendly blogger hat" on when I go to these events and am respectful of folks privacy, taking great care with what I write about. All she saw was the press.

If this story ever gets any traction, Obama will simply throw one of his staff under the bus as he does with some frequency. Read the whole account and use it to help you filter the other phony crap that these "new" candidates are full of. And to think - The Obama gang are the most vocal in their criticism of W when it comes to "controlling" the press and deceiving the public.

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