11 June 2007

Curb Your Enthusiastic Dog

Like a good spider, Joe tempts us into the harmless-looking web, disarming us with a jaunt about Rover and the good old days. Right in the middle, though, he chucks a particulalry sharp harpoon right in the ribs of the Civic Monster:
Once dogs became nothing more than amendments to St. Paul Legislative Code, chapter 200.14, they stopped being part of the fabric of everyday life. I know I am going way back here, but if some kid didn't come in for supper with dog poop oozing out of the treads of his tennis shoes, that was a kid who wasn't playing very hard.

Now, I am not at all going to campaign to take dogs off leashes or anything of the sort. We are a weaker people and entirely incapable of returning to a life that actually makes sense. We much prefer to be governed by the types who preach a good community game and then pass ordinances that specifically prevent the establishment of such.
Bravo; we at the Dog Farm wholeheartedly agree.

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