06 June 2007

A Bi-Coastal Perjorative

When I use the term "Hollywood Freak," it has nothing to do with which home they choose to live in at the moment.
Why - after Bali, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, New York (twice), Casablanca, Istanbul, on and on - is someone so intelligent as Nora writing this trendy tripe? What does she expect law enforcement to do? Not to investigate these things? Nora implies it's all entrapment... but is it? How does she know? Indeed, she doesn't and couldn't. She just assumes it to be so because it is a comfortable world view for her.

People like Nora in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 were supporting such actions themselves, but soon grew weary. It put too much strain on their self-images, so it became easier to make snotty comments about the FBI, as if J. Edgar Hoover was still in charge and the Palmer Raids never ended - only he's dead and they have. Long ago. Times have changed. And how.
And from the comments to Roger's post:
It does seem that many on the left and a few on the right have drifted in their support for the current struggle not out of conviction or hard reasoning, but out of personal surrender. By that I mean it is simply easier to go along with the MSM talking head trends than to buck them. By being against the war, they feel the war is not their responsibility and they can divorce themselves from any further support. This is the comfortable course of action. Through personal surrender, those who turned against the struggle find strong company on nightly television and explanations about why their choice of surrender was the right one. It reminds of the case of Patty Hearst. I think a similar dynamic is in play.

The 24-hour media, largely against the US position, brings war to the American public. Many citizens are not able to cope with the images and reality of war. The only way for the US to lose is for the American public to decide to accept defeat. This unthinkable, to me, outcome seems to be approaching. The funny thing is, the reason many are willing to accept US defeat in war, is so that they can be comfortable with their emotions while they watch TV at night.
Hey, Nora; stop worrying about your neck. Worry about the tortured lump that sits atop it.

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