04 May 2007

Look How Outrageous I Can Be!

I get so tired of the story tellers trying to be the story. Remember Geraldo in New Orleans? He spent hours telling us how he feels. Here's Lou Dobbs on 60 Minutes telling us how he'd handle the immigration mess. Hey Lou, hey CBS; neither of you are elected to anything. You're Tee Vee people, and that's all you are.

Along that vein is Time Magazine and their amazingly dubious list of the 100 most influential people in the world (which, I guess, must render last year's list invalid). Where to begin - first, the list is pure bullshit; it's just populist jive dreamed up by the extraordinarily sheltered Manhattanites who push that rag. Second, look how they stuff the list with the usual Hollywood blowhards but leave off the President of the United States. Oooooo - aren't they edgy? Finally, how do you like the hubris of the 1,363rd most visited website in this country telling all of us anything about influence?

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