17 May 2007

Global Warming Source Discovered!

All the heat comes from blathering politicians:

(Pelosi) endorses HR 1252 to protect consumers from "price gouging," defined, not altogether helpfully, by a blizzard of adjectives and adverbs. Gouging occurs when gasoline prices are unconscionably excessive, or sellers raise prices unreasonably by taking unfair advantage of unusual market conditions, or when the price charged represents a gross disparity from the price of crude oil, or when the amount charged grossly exceeds the price at which gasoline is obtainable in the same area. The bill does not explain how a gouger can gouge when his product is obtainable more cheaply nearby.

Actually, Pelosi's constituents are being gouged by people like Pelosi -- by government. While oil companies make about 13 cents on a gallon of gasoline, the federal government makes 18.4 cents (the federal tax) and California's various governments make 40.2 cents (the nation's third-highest gasoline tax). Pelosi's San Francisco collects a local sales tax of 8.5 percent -- higher than the state's average for local sales taxes.

Government; what a racket.

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