12 October 2005

Darnit, Who Had One of These?

On Saturday, the whole Octane Pack was out road trippin', and I happened to see a car for sale in a front yard, somewhere near Chatfield, if I recall correctly. It was white 1969 Buick LeSabre sedan, sorta like this one:

Not exactly my cup of automotive tea, but it really caught my eye, and stuck in my mind since someone used to have one, but who? Well, duh, about 140,000 people had one, but someone near me had one, in my early formidable years, where I first realized that cars were the coolest thing on Earth.

Those big swoopy fenders, and those faux-turbine hub caps; unforgettable for me. This was the big ol' B-body from the General. Theys became big-block police cars and displacement-hulled family cruisers. Six men could go to the golf course in a B-Body, and the trunk would easily gobble all their golf bags. My grandfather had a '71 Impala, the same car underneath, but this Flint bodywork was a totally different statement. Who had this car?

My dad's uncle always had Buicks; that's a possibility. We had a neighbor in Afton, a farmer that also built houses (including ours), that might have had one. Maybe it was the ride of choice among the weathered, rural people that also attended our church in the early 70's.

Oh well, it was a pretty rare sight, this dreadnought. I'll not be making an offer on the white one in that southeast Minnesota yard, but I feel indebted to the seller for making one of my long-unused synapses fire so surely.

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