10 June 2005

Governor Dean Sometimes Gets a Little Excited at the Mouth.

Over at Just one Minute, there is a transcript from Harold Ford Jr.'s (D-TN) appearance on Imus June 9th.

For those just catching up with the funny, funny head of the Democratic National Committee, Ol' Howard has been trying to rally the oft-defeated troops by characterizing Republicans as "a white, Christian party," and then avowed to "hate the Republicans and everything they stand for."

Then, of course, there was this fisking in The Wall Street Journal:

Yes, you heard that right. Howard Dean is accusing Republicans of being white. We most assuredly are not jiving you: Howard Dean--scion of Park Avenue, former governor of Vermont, a state that is 96.8% people of pallor--is faulting Republicans for being white, even though he himself is whiter than an albino polar bear with dandruff. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
Yes Howard, I know "we all look the same," but what ticks me off is that cloaked just beneath the surface of Dean's disdain for people unlike himself is the implicit glorification of all that is New England ploitical elitism and Northeast progressive Valhalla. Once Dean is done screaming about how refined his chosen people are, he may want to look at July 17th AND September 18 on the NASCAR schedule. Cracker on!

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Dawn said...

Think Deanorino has his tickets yet? I bet he's all over that infield!

What a maroon. He's Our Secret Weapon. Thank you DNC!