09 June 2005

From the Mind of the Pinball Machine.

Just because I'm going to topic-jump doesn't mean I invite comparisons to those lame columns Larry King used to write:

One of the hardest things I ever watched involves the character Rock Hudson plays in the 1966 film Seconds. It comes near the end, where he understands what his fate is to be.

As much as I like an understated, sophisticated, well-handling (usually German) automobile, the new Shelby GT 500 is really calling my name.

Now that marketing & entertaiment losers rule the world, we will never again have the likes of Jack Brickhouse, Ernie Harwell, Red Barber, or Herb Carneal to call the national pastime on radio. Hope you like Jim Nance and his ilk, because that lite rock is the standard going forward.

I wish we lived in an age in which when people spoke, the actaully said something.

Whatever lucky couple of fellas eventually land these two ladies, they are in for quite a ride:

"Do you know who I am?" security guard Steve Torres testified that Elizabeth Hatch demanded of him. "No, I don't," he said. "You don't know who I am -- my dad is the state's attorney of Minnesota."
For lyrics delivered from the heart, and that quintessential Brit-pop sound, how can you beat Jarvis Cocker?

Ann Althouse speaks for me about Russell Crowe.

When considering the greatest spacehsip ever, there's really only one choice.

Sometimes you just want to stare at people in Hawaii, even if the link takes a while to load.

Guess who's still printing The Truth? Still crazy after all these years.

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