11 May 2010

Song and Dance Alive & Well

I don't care a lick if he's a savant or a dunce with regard to technology. What I do care about is the continual, audience specific jive and chameleon story telling.
That line about not being able to "know how to work" an iPad or Xbox succeeded in drawing some laughs. But it worked against Obama when the reactions from technology enthusiasts online began pouring in.

Obama "drinks from the 'information overload' Kool-Aid," claimed one blog headline. Having not actually spent time trying to optimize his workflow with a device like the iPad, the president appears to have little basis from which to make such a contentious claim.

So if Obama doesn't know how to use Apple's portable music player -- a product hailed for its ease-of-use, even for a Harvard Law graduate -- was the preelection Rolling Stone magazine article about what's on his iPod a farce?

It reminds me of the heady days when Hilary Clinton was trying to decide who she was, you know, depending on where she was dining.

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