21 May 2010

Bad Guys Win Again

I use the term 'guys' since, you know, women are lucky to ride in the back seat of the same car.

From the story's comment section:

Islam is nothing more than fear. Fear generated by unseen devout Muslim believers willing to commit violence in the name of Islam. A larger Muslim population equals more fear. Look at it here, in little old Seattle. Molly Norris has now been silenced, by fear generated by unseen religious thugs. In NYC South Park has now been silenced by unseen Muslim religious thugs. In Western Europe the newspapers, museums, artists, Theo Van Gogh and more have all been silenced by a growing number of unseen Muslim religious thugs. The greater the Muslim population, the greater the number of potential Muslim religious thugs - the greater the fear. And here it is - right here in Seattle. Isn’t multiculturalism a great thing?

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