19 September 2009

Public Relations at 6:30 Eastern, 5:30 Central

The giant, viral disease that is ACORN is quite the story on many levels, not the least of which is that the once-vigilant world of Big Establishment Journalism is quite asleep at the switch.

There was a time when reporters were curious. The asked questions. They wondered how things worked. Used to be, reporters were like a good terrier; diggers and sniffers.

Seems those days are behind us. The press has allowed itself to be tamed into a docile lap dog since (let's face it) their man is now in the White House. These days, if you want to know stuff, you've got to do the digging yourself to find the cherished few who are asking any sort of questions at all.
I know the Obamas detest our medical profession, but can they please provide us with the medical diagnosis so we can sort out the truth? I know, I know, this is racist for me to ask, but since this was only seven or eight years ago, I'm sure these records are still on file, so we ask the Obamas to please provide the public with the medical records so we can get to the bottom of this mystery. It's pretty simple. Your daughter either was diagnosed with meningitis or she wasn't. If she was, one of you are lying. If she wasn't, one of you are lying.

Please clear this up for us. No doubt on one of the five news shows Barack is appearing on Sunday someone will ask for a clarification, right?

I distinctly recall the Obamas begging the media to not exploit their children all the while they were exploiting their children. Well, now that they've clearly been caught in contradictory tales, we ask that they please clarify for the public their latest tale told while exploiting their daughter.

Otherwise I might get to thinking they're making things up while exploiting their child.
You might think that this inconsistency really isn't news at all, and you'd have a good case, but you're lying to yourself if you say that this wouldn't be above-the-fold coverage if George and Laura had gotten it similarly wrong while using their children for political gain.

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