04 September 2009

Pots, Kettles, Crooks & Liars

Larry and Marge; what a couple of finks:

After crying foul at Governor Pawlenty’s request to negotiate a budget solution behind closed doors, the Senate Majority Leader and House Speaker will be doing almost the same thing.

“The meeting’s sponsors, Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller and House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, notified reporters Thursday that the meeting will be closed to the public and the press. A spokesman for Pogemiller said the meeting was closed at the request of some of the participants, whom he did not name.”

What the hell is that all about; some sort of Hope and Change cock & bull trickle-down?

In case you missed it, this meeting about very important public policies is closed to the press and the public. It was closed by two leaders who repeatedly demand that the governor open his budget meetings to the public and harshly criticize him when he doesn’t.

Bill Salisbury

Capitol Bureau Reporter

St. Paul Pioneer Press

That's reporter Salisbury; not right wing-crazy Salisbury, or nutcase blogger (like me) Salisbury . . .

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