11 July 2009

Playing VP Can Be a Fun Game

Good for Joe Biden that criticism of VP secret dealings started and ended with that ol' Dick Cheney.
We've especially noted Biden's innumerable "private meetings" that are closed to the press because, well, they're private.

And we've wondered aloud how this Democratic VP's private meetings with unnamed people on unnamed subjects differs from the private meetings with unnamed people that his evil predecessor had that got so many Democratic senators and representatives worried about nefarious secrets.

Well, today's schedule, unlike many at the end of Biden's work weeks, contains no "private meetings." Not one.

According to the White House schedule, Biden will not spend the remainder of the workday in private meetings that are closed press.

Instead: "The Vice President will spend the remainder of the day in meetings that are closed press."
Move along, lapdog press; nothing to see here.

1 comment:

Nature66 said...

Hmmm, let's see. The previous vice president started a war? That would be a big difference.