17 December 2008

I Throw My Shoe at You!

Stupid Big Media is giving Stupid America just what it wants; more stupidity.

We saw it during the campaign, when everyone was instructed to shit their pants over the amount of money the Republican Party spent on clothes for Governor Palin. "What was wrong with the clothes she had?" they screamed. However, no one seemed too upset over what the Democratic Party spent on that one-night-only faux Roman stage show at Invesco Field for the glory of The One. What was wrong with the Pepsi Center that was already set up and paid for?

Then we saw everyone play the part of apoplectic taxpayer for considering a bailout for the Big Three after their CEOs had the audacity to travel to Washington DC in jet aircraft that were purchased expressly for the purpose of transporting the very same executives. No one ever seemed to ask how the United Auto Workers' representatives are serving the interests of their devout retirees by owning its own golf course.

Now we have to endure the same childlike shortsightedness again. Everywhere you turn, that idiot who threw his shoes at President Bush is being conveyed folk-hero status. "What a brave thing for him to do; there's no more profound display of disdain in that culture."

Oh please. If that reporter had any measurable bravery, he'd have thrown shoes at Saddam Hussein or Hosni Mubarak (the 'journalist' is Egyptian). The only reason he did what he did is that he know there'd be no gallows or firing squad for his act. The easily amused will say that this dope was trying to shame President Bush, but I think his act warrants a deeper look at the shame angle:
The reporter knows deep down that he can throw his shoe at Bush only because of Bush and it shames him. He can’t forgive Bush for that.

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