26 April 2008

Yes, We Have No Bacon

Why? Because Big Brother cares about you more than you do; now pay your tax bill!
Problem is customers love bacon, and Palacios says she loses business if she doesn’t give them the bacon they demand. “Bacon is a potentially hazardous food,” says Terrence Powell of the LA County Health Department. Continue selling bacon dogs without county-approved equipment and you risk fines and jail time. Palacios knows all about that. She spent 45 days in the slammer for selling bacon dogs . . .
Why is it, good people, that everytime someone from the government telling that you need the governmet (watch the video), it's always coming from some gray-haired, ponytailed dude from the sixties?

Oh, by the way, no pop to go with that hot dog, either:
Minnesota took on "Big Tobacco" a few years ago. Now it's South Dakota's turn, as Minnesota's neighbor to the west hopes to take the fizz out of "Big Soda." In an effort to improve the diet of its nearly 800,000 residents, South Dakota's Health Department is issuing the "Sodabriety Challenge" for the month of May.

Those who sign up will receive free water bottles and at the end of the challenge, 10 randomly selected participants will receive prizes.
Clearly, South Dakota, for all its claims of lower taxes, is collecting too much tax revenue if they even have $10 for this program.

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