15 April 2008

Boo Hoo

Mark Kiszla went ot his first hockey game ever (apparently), and the Denver Post let him write about it.
Minnesota, the land of 10,000 dead car batteries, has an inferiority about this hockey team. The Wild's style of play is as ugly and obnoxious as the uniforms, which look as if designed by a toddler who randomly pulled two crayons from the box of 64 and began scribbling. This hard truth makes the Wild faithful grumpier than they are after waking up to yet another subzero morning.
Read it all. There are three explanations for what he wrote; he wears women's underwear, he's eight, or he wanted a good old newspaper-induced rivalry which, judging by reading the comments to the story, he got.

Minnesota coach Jacques Lemaire, mean enough to chew the glass surrounding the
rink, has an unabashed fondness for tough guys. The more the scarier.
Like Chris Simon, who played for the Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalance in the '95-'96 season racking up 250 penalty minutes.

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