29 December 2007

It Must Be Irony Day

A real real trifecta of unbelievableness on the radar screen.

First, Mrs. OctaneBoy's alumni magazine arrives from the old alma mater. It features an article about how students face the challenges of paying for college. This from a place that has nearly tripled it's tuition in last 15 years; now at an unjustifiable $41,000 per year.

Next we have the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) humping a new show starting in January. It's the weekly adventures of an elite security detail that hunts down terrorists. Yea, the Canadian government plying an active role in in defeating Islamic crazies; pretty believable premise there.

Finally, after a pathetic session of amateur lawmaking, a pair of seriously fossilized careerists decide they need to meddle in the business of a private, for-profit entertainment corporation. Where in the Constitution does it say we have the right to watch a football game on free TV?

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