06 December 2007


Since the US Congress seems to be more and more about feelings, this's gotta hurt especially bad:

Let us review. In November, Gallup pegged the Congressional job approval at 20% with 69% disapproval. In December, Gallup found that 40% of Americans think the Surge is working, 39% say not working.

And while 57% now say going into Iraq was a mistake, 41% say it was not a mistake. Apparently 69% say electing this Congress was a mistake. Only 20% apparently believe this Congress was not a mistake.

Meanwhile, the person elected to represent Minnesota Tundra folk like me has other priorities:
McCollum, a Minnesota Democrat, is in the Middle East to assess the plight of the refugees in Syria and Jordan. She traveled there as a one-member congressional delegation from the House Appropriations foreign operations subcommittee."By better understanding the scope and the size of the problem, I hope we can find ways in which America can work more efficiently and effectively with the international community," she said.
A one-woman State Department, too, I guess.
Syria has tightened visa rules for Iraqis to try to prod people to return home and keep new refugees from coming."They're very concerned about how much Damascus can absorb," McCollum said. "They're saying at some point, what more can they do?"McCollum said the refugees told her they were desperate for peace in their lives.
Peace in their lives . . . in Syria? Either way, wasn't aware that McCollum was elected by the Iraqi people.
One (Iraqi) woman bluntly told McCollum, "I wouldn't be here today if you hadn't attacked my country," according to the congresswoman."I said I'm only one of 435, and I was on the losing end of that vote, and I apologized," she said.
Yea, and I'm only one voter way back in the 4th congressional district in Minnesota (remember Minnesota?) and I apologise for you, Betty.

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