21 May 2005

Man of the Match; or at least of regulation time.

Quite the FA Cup final. In proper English sporting tradition the name a Man of the Match; Wayne Rooney today. In hindsight, it's easy to cite Freddie Ljungberg, who headed away a point-blank attempt from van Nistelrooy whilst defending on a corner, and Jens Lehmann, who bested Paul Scholes during the shootout, as more deserving.

If there was a Goat of the Match. I'd throw in for Ruud van Nistelrooy, who blew a couple of choice opportunities, or maybe Reyes for stupidly earning a red card at the end of extra time.

So that basically puts a fork in UK footy for the season, with, um, one exception.

A glance outside - when will it ever be summer? 56 and RAIN AGAIN today. All winter, I long for warmer, rainy days that will wash away the salt and filth of MNDOT winter, but now there's been so much rain that everything is dirty again; cars, windows, etc. I've been to the windward side of Oahu a couple of times during the rainy season. There it rains every single day, often a few times per day, for several consecutive months. The cars a filthy, there's red dirt everywhere, but darnit, they do have plate lunch around every corner.

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