20 May 2005

Friday Night stuff

The worst spring in memory is finally on the wane, surely heading for Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states with too many deer. The deer issue is not unique to the North American Tundra, but as a motorcyclist, I keep a keen eye for anything bigger than a vole.

Spring also means that the very spendy private college up the street is getting ready to fold up the circus tents for another year:

Six Macalester students were arrested and charged with obstructing the legal process with force after police say a Senior Week gathering of more than 100 students turned rowdy, but now students are questioning police officers' use of force during the incident. St. Paul Police were called about 11:50 p.m. Wednesday to assist the college's security because 150 students were reportedly causing a disturbance.

It's such a drag to go home to mummy and daddy in Palo Alto, Schaumberg, Maui, or wherever they come from, I can imagine they believe they have the right to blow off. Those mean Saint Paul coppers; always harassing the Social Justice majors.

During intermission of a play tonight, I was reading the actual newsprint edition of The Onion, which, like The Simpsons, never seems to go bad. One article reminded me of the kind of self-riotousness, self-esteem and hubris-fortification that are core curricula at that joint.

Off to the sack. One beer is enough. Plus, there be pay-per-view tomorrow morning! Arsenal vs. Man U; it's almost too bad someone has to win.

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