21 March 2010

Stiff Ache Up My Neck

Here's where my head is:
  1. There is dancing and rejoicing, which is stupid, because no one knows what's going to be voted on. No one knows what's in it because the president never put the proceedings on C-SPAN or put the bill on the internet like he said over and over and over.
  2. It's sickening to me that those who are cheering this have no sense of shame or embarrassment over how this all went down.
  3. What will run out first; the money to pay for such folly, or the ink it will require to document the bribes, pay-offs and kick-backs.
  4. Bart Stupak got OWNED by Obama's executive order bullshit; pro-life . . . what a fool.
  5. From this point forward, the political left NEVER gets to complain about how the opposition may ram through future legislation.
  6. I never want to see or hear legacy media ever waste my time with any more weepy stories about how ANYONE isn't fit and healthy, can't get health care or that the whole shebang is out of money.

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