16 November 2009

Ethics Quiz Time

I guess we're supposed to believe that Obama's flunkie's didn't recognize Stern wandering the halls.

President Obama has always made a pretty big deal about not working with “lobbyists”. Registered lobbyists can’t get stimulus money, can’t be White House advisors and are not allowed access to meetings and summits. So how does one get around that? It’s simple; you just don’t register as a lobbyist.

During the first calendar quarter of 2009, Mr. Stern went to the White House on 11 separate days, including twice on February 18. In the second calendar quarter, Mr. Stern visited on 9 days, and twice on April 13 for a total of 10 visits. Since White House personnel, including the President and Vice President, are considered “covered” officials under LDA, all of Mr. Stern’s communications with them during these 22 visits covering 20 days would constitute “lobbying contacts.”

Thankfully, Big Media is ignoring this story in order to continue to prop up the current administration. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Stern was whoring for the SEIU.

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