09 May 2009

Worst Mother's Day Ever

I sure hope Lora Hunt has the finest manicure of Earth, because her vanity has already trumped human life for what she values:

Anita Zaffke died May 2 -- while wearing the same yellow jacket -- after her motorcycle was hit at a Wauconda stoplight by a Chevrolet Impala driven by Lora Hunt, Lake County sheriff's police said. Hunt, a 48-year-old grandmother from far southwest suburban Morris, told police she was painting her nails at the time. Officers found red nail polish splattered on the Impala's deployed airbag, said Lake County Sgt. Chris Thompson.

Hunt was ticketed for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Lake County prosecutors now are studying the case to see if they can upgrade the charges. But under the wording of the current law, it's unclear if a crime occurred.
Unclear if a crime occurred - oh, how I long for the days of frontier justice.

Devastated by not only his mother's death but the way she died, Greg Zaffke, 31, painted the fingernails on his right hand black. He wants people to ask about the polish. He wants to tell them about his mother. Though he wasn't at Thursday's ride, motorcyclists there followed his lead, painting their fingernails in Anita Zaffke's memory.

"Distracted driving charges are nonexistent," he said. "It needs to be stricter so people don't use their car as an office or makeup room."

Rest in peace, Anita. Who know how many more cyclists have to get killed before there are real penalties for the car zombies.

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